A Marriage Made in Marketing Heaven


Two lives. Two hearts. Joined together in friendship. United forever in love.

It is with utmost joy that we, your website and your public relations program, invite you to share in a celebration of marketing success and sales growth, as we are brought together on this day at this time in this year.

Join us at the home of your URL where we will welcome many, many guests.

For years, your website and your public relations program were chugging along, enjoying a modicum of success and reasonably happy lives. But things could have been better.

Sure, your PR program would often drive potential customers to your website. Every one of your releases featured your URL address, along with the key words that would boost Google rankings and lead to increased traffic on your site.

But something was missing. Your public relations program was, in large part, missing from your website.

Thanks to your PR program, your company was getting great press in all the key, most widely read publications that reach your target market. But visitors to your website had no idea this was happening. There were no current news clips on your site, or links to this great press, or even the press releases themselves. All the great stories that had been written about your company were invisible to visitors of your website. The opportunity was there to let the world know that your company was making news, shaking up the industry and spreading its brand message. It was an opportunity to take advantage of PR work that you’d already done. And it was an opportunity wasted.

Until one glorious day, this all changed. The matrimonial union of your website and your PR program finally took place.

Here’s are the events that took place that day.

You added a new Company News section to your website. Right up front on the home page. The new News section was home to all of your company’s press releases from this very year (your old News section stopped getting updated some time mid-2012). So it reinforced the idea that your company was not only still alive and kicking, but actually thriving, growing and constantly making news with new products, services, awards, partnerships, staff hires and much more!

The new Company News section also now featured links to the great and important publications and websites in which your press appeared. There were not only links to the news announcements in the key industry publications, but also links to trend stories that featured your company, expert opinion article that were written by your employees, and case studies that highlighted successes that you have brought to your customers.

But wait, there was more! You may already have had a “Markets Served” section on you website. But you were now using your PR to full advantage to illustrate and exemplify those markets served. All those great case studies that you had written, each on representing a key market, could now find its lawfully wedded place in the Markets Served section of your site. And all those great photos you took at customer locations, all showing your product in action – they could now work double time on your website.

And there was more still. This marriage just kept giving. There was more love in the form of gushing testimonials. Quotes from customers that had already been featured in the press could now (with the customers approval of course) play a central role in your site, even helping to create a Testimonials section.

Your PR program had also helped you win lots of great awards. And nothing helps to give your company and your website more credibility than the spoils of your victories, be they award logos or award ceremony photos.

Yes, the marriage of your website and public relations program was truly a blessed and successful event. And the party that took place after? Well, that celebration is still going full blast.