Invitation: Two lives. Two hearts. Joined together in friendship. United forever in love. It is with utmost joy that we, your website and your public relations program, invite you to share in a celebration of marketing success and sales growth, as we are brought together on this day at this time in this year. Join us at the home of your URL where we will welcome many, many guests. For years, your website and your public relations program were chugging along, enjoying a modicum of success and reasonably happy lives. But things could have been better. Sure, your PR program would often drive potential customers to your website. Every one of your releases feature ..


Duel of the Dawdlers

(This article appeared in the Boston Globe Magazine on July 13, 2014) There is one area of my life in which I always come in dead last. And I couldn't be more proud. You see, whenever I fly, I have to be the last one on the plane. No exceptions. When I look around the gate, there can be no other stragglers, no other challengers vying for the title of "Leader of the Back." I’ve had my challengers. Some have proven to be worthy opponents. But all have fallen victim to my legendary patience and fanatical desire to bring up the rear. A recent return trip from Las Vegas, however, proved to be my Waterloo. After the first four waves of passengers had boarded, I s ..