Case Study: IDFM


The good news for IDFM was that the company had developed a powerful document management software solution – by far the most functional offering available. However, the bad news was that IDFM had very little market recognition. This meant that introducing its new package in an already crowded document management marketplace would be doubly difficult.


We implemented an aggressive, multi-tiered product launch program to get word about the product into the market as quickly as possible. The initial phase of the program included press releases, beta reviews, and online placements. Once the product had been launched, momentum was maintained through the development of customer case studies, press releases for product upgrades, and additional full-version reviews.


A significant amount of coverage was generated in virtually all pertinent trade publications, as well as various e-zines. A large number of inquiries for the product began to pour in, based largely on the PR campaign, according to the tracking process that IDFM used to identify lead sources. The resulting sales activity was not only resulted in substantial dollars for IDFM, but also increased market recognition, which snowballed into additional media coverage.

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