The world of advertising has changed a lot over the last few decades. Less print advertising, to the point that many publications have either gone entirely digital or even, in some cases, gone away entirely. Broadcast advertising is still going strong, but you’ve probably noticed the big spenders’ ads on TV getting wackier and wackier as they vie for their target market’s shrinking attention span.

But two things remain unchanged. One: Advertising can still play a role in boosting brand awareness and sales. And Two: in order to be effective, great advertising is grounded in strategy. Whether it features an aardvark or an accountant. Or an aardvark accountant. Sound strategy is what makes the most unique ad ideas sell products and services.

That’s why, before the concept process begins on any advertising (or direct mail, or brochure, or logo), we will put your company on the proverbial couch and analyze your project objectives, competitive advantages, past advertising efforts, competitor messaging, existing customer perceptions, market climates, and more. Only after all that will Bulldog be able to do what we’ve always done: produce eye-catching, brand-defining, lead-generating work that creates buzz, results and abundant happiness.

Here’s a list of just some of Bulldog Communications’ Advertising services:

  • Broadcast (TV and Radio)

  • Collateral (Brochures, Catalogs, etc.)

  • Corporate Identity

  • Corporate Videos

  • Direct Marketing

  • Media Negotiation and Placement

  • Media Planning

  • Newsletter Development

  • Outdoor

  • PowerPoint

  • Print Advertising

  • Trade Shows

  • Website Development

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